Applications Are Accepted For UNICEF Internships And Positions.

Internships with UNICEF are available to students who want to gain first-hand knowledge of the organization’s operations. The program provides students the opportunity to participate actively in various functional areas in UNICEF. The program can be categorized into three main pillars: Program and Policy, External Relations, and Operations. (Applications Are Accepted For UNICEF Internships And Positions.)

The UNICEF Internships are offered depending on the needs and capacity of offices to receive and supervise interns.

Eligibility Requirements for UNICEF Internships

To be considered for an internship, applicants must meet the following requirements:

Be enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate or PhD degree program or have graduated within the past two years and all applicants must be at least 18 years old.

Know at least one of the three working languages used by UNICEF: English, French, or Spanish. You must be proficient in the language used in the workplace where you are applying.

One must Have excellent academic performance as demonstrated by recent university or institution records.

Have no immediate relatives (e.g. father, mother, brother, sister) working in any UNICEF office; and

Have no other relatives in the line of authority which that you will report to.

With recent university or institution records, applicants must show they have excelled in the classroom.

Any prior professional experience will receive additional consideration.

How to Apply for UNICEF Internships

Candidates that meet the eligibility requirements of UNICEF internships can head over to the employment page for a list of available internship opportunities. Visit the UNICEF internships page for all available internship positions

All applications must be submitted through the online e-recruitment system. And to apply for an internship, open the internship advertisement page and click on the “Apply” button found at the bottom. Candidates will need to open a UNICEF e-recruitment account  before applying for a position.

When Do You Find Out If You Got an Internship With UNICEF?

When you apply for an internship on UNICEF, the system will alert you with an onscreen confirmation and via an e-mail that your application has been received.  If you do not receive an e-mail acknowledgment within 24 hours of submitting an application, your application may not have been received. Interview invitations are sent to applicants who are being given serious consideration for a position. Normally, after the selection process is over, candidates who were interviewed will be informed of the results.

UNICEF Summer Internships

UNICEF recruits interns on an as needed basis; however, the majority of opportunities generally coincide with the Fall, Spring, and Summer semester university calendar. The internship usually lasts for six to sixteen weeks and may be extended up to a maximum of six months, depending on whether or not there are special requirements of the receiving division/office.

UNICEF Internships for High School Students

UNICEF internships are mostly available for current university students. High School students who wish to intern in UNICEF might have to wait till they are undergraduates in an accredited institution. Note that interns in UNICEF are not paid but it would be a wonderful addition to your resume/CV

UNICEF USA does not have overseas internships, nor does it provide financial support for interns. Each and every one of the selected candidates is need to make their own plans for travel, lodging, and living expenses throughout the internship time.


the following job positions are available at UNICEF:

Individual National Consultant – Social Development Expert (open to Ghanaian nationals only)

Executive Assistant, Fixed Term Appointment, GS5, open for Nationals of North Macedonia only

Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Risk Mitigation Consultant in Europe and Central Asia Region: Serbia

International Individual Consultancy on Review of Green Growth Strategy from a Child Lens in Viet Nam.

UNICEF PACIFIC Child Protection response to COVID-19 in Asia and the Pacific: Fiji

Human Resources Officer (Special Projects) – Talent Acquisition, DHR in the United States

Fund Raising Officer in Latin America and Caribbean


UNICEF is an acronym for United Nations International Children’s Fund. Worldwide assistance for children’s humanitarian and developmental needs is provided by the organization. Based in U.N headquarters in New York City, it is among the most widespread and recognizable social welfare organizations in the world, with a presence in 192 countries and territories.


Yes. UNICEF can be regarded as an NGO. Some activities of the agency include immunizations and disease prevention, administering treatment for children and mothers with HIV, enhancing childhood and mate

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