VISA Requirements and Eligibility for Germany in 2023

Many students are choosing Germany as a study abroad location today, and the percentage of international students in Germany is rising every. Before arriving in Germany to begin their studies, international students must get a student visa from the German consulate in their homeland. In this article, we have discussed all you need to know about VISA Requirements and Eligibility for Germany in 2023.

Though you might not need a student visa depending on from which country you are traveling to Germany to study. Furthermore, obtaining a residence permit is a must if you plan to study in Germany for longer than 90 days.

Do you Need a Student VISA to Study in Germany?

As an international student, you need to have a student visa and it depends on the time duration

  • Obtaining a Schengen visa is necessary if you plan to study in Germany for three months.
  • A German national visa is required if you plan to study in Germany for a period of time longer than three months.

Furthermore, if you are an international student with a German national visa, you must obtain a residence permission from the foreigner’s office in order to extend your stay. Additionally, you need to renew your residence permit every year until your visa expires.

Therefore, you should think about whether you require a visa before traveling to Germany. Depending on how long your studies will last, you must also know what kind of visa you will need if you do need one.

Germany Study VISA Types

Germany issues different types of student visas depending upon the nature of your studies. Such as graduates, undergraduates, or exchange students. The visa also covers your participation in pre-academic activities or non-academic courses in Germany. Three different categories of student visas are available for application.

1# German University Admission Applicant VISA

This is the type of German VISA you need to get when you have to apply for German university admission in person. Note, this visa is only for the application process and does not allow you to study in Germany.

2# German Student Study VISA

When you have been accepted to a German university and are about to begin your studies there, you must obtain this visa. It is essential to obtain it before traveling to Germany because it will enable full-time education.

3# German Language Course Study VISA

This type of visa is needed when you are going to study a course in the German language in Germany.

German Student Study VISA Requirements

The following are the important requirements for you in order to apply for a German student visa:

List of Application Documents for Germany Study VISA Application:

    • A national passport which should be valid
    • Your birth Certificate
    • National visa application form filled and signed
    • Two passport photocopies
    • Birth certificate of your child (If applicable)
    • Your certificate of marriage (if applicable)
    • Your previous Schengen Visa
    • Three passport-size photographs
    • Previous resident permit if you have any
    • Two photocopies of your previous residence titles in Germany if you have any.

Financial resources proof

    • In order to apply for a German visa, you have to provide one of the following financial proof
    • The certificate of scholarship clearly shows the amount of money they will be offering.
    • Confirmation of a balance of €10,236 in the barred German account.
    • Letter of commitment, or “Verpflichtungserklärung,” from a German resident stating that they will pay for your studies. The letter is obtained by the Alien’s Registration Office.
    • Your parental income and assets are demonstrated through evidence and a letter of commitment.
    • You will receive a bank guarantee from a German bank.

University Admission Proof

    • “Zulassungsbescheid” is a confirmation letter issued by the university. It will also list the start date of your course and the language in which it will be taught, as well as the fact that a German university has accepted you to study there.
    • Your entrance will be contingent on completing an intense course, or “Intensiv-Sprachkurs,” thus you must submit a “Bedingter Zulassungsbescheid,” which is the proof of admission. With the help of this letter, we can confirm that your admission is conditional and that you must take a 6-month-long language course in order to continue attending. There will be at least 18 hours of instruction per week as well.
    • Conditional admission proof will include
    • Uni-assist’ letter
    • Admission confirmation
    • University communication showing final admission conditions
    • Language course payment
    • There should be proof of payment for language courses with a confirmed seat in the course. Furthermore, the payment should cover the first 3 months of studies.
    • Confirmation of “Studienkolleg” which is a university preparatory course
    • Conditional admission proof will include
    • Uni-assist’ letter
    • Admission confirmation
    • University communication showing final admission conditions
    • Proof of being accepted as a student in the language course
    • Early education evidence
    • School leaving certificate which should be original
    • If you are entering to master’s or Ph.D. program then a degree certificate will be needed
    • University entrance qualification
    • Student health insurance
    • Proof of English or German language certificate

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